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Specialist Turf Equipment

Kubota are the proud Australian distributors of Japan’s premium turf equipment brand, Baroness. Baroness has designed and produced high quality turf maintenance equipment for almost 50 years! With a complete line up of greens mowers, fairway mowers, bunker rakes and aerators, Baroness products are renowned worldwide for their high quality performance and ease of maintenance.

Rotary Mowers

The Baroness rotary mower range is ideally suited to mowing contractors, councils and landscapers, who are looking for a reliable wide-cutting unit. Featuring powerful Kubota engines, renowned for their reliability, 2.8mm cutting width and five independently mounted cutting decks, the on-demand 4-wheel drive tackles the toughest conditions to provide a clean superior finish every time.


Five Unit Rotary Mower

The Baroness GM2800-B rotary mower is ideally suited to mowing contractors, councils and landscapers, looking for a reliable wide-cutting unit. Powered by a reliable Kubota engine, the GM2800-B features five independently mounted cutting decks, 2.8m cutting width and on-demand 4-wheel drive that tackles the toughest conditions with ease, achieving a clean superior finish every time.

Greens Mowers

Baroness greens mowers are renowned for their superior cutting quality. That’s why they are specified and recommended by some of the top golf courses worldwide. Expert craftsman use traditional methods of creating Japanese swords to produce blades that achieve a precise cut and are extremely tough, for years of dependable use. Speciality steel composites used in bedknives and reels across the Baroness range not only result in a quality finish, they significantly increase service life while reducing maintenance time and repair costs.


TripleX Greens Mower

The Baroness LM315GC is a riding triplex greens mower combining the advantages of a hybrid drive mower and the reliability of mechanical drive to the cutting units. Featuring a choice of reel speeds and the best cutting units in the business, the LM315 is complete with a Kubota diesel engine, renowned for their reliability and long lasting performance.


Fixed Head Greens Mower

The Baroness LM56GB is a fixed head walk behind greens mower among the lightest in its class, yet solidly build.

These highly manoeuvrable mowers provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas. Completely gear-driven, the LM56 is easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains.


Floating Head Greens Mower

The LM101 is equipped with precision – engineered sharp reel cutters, made from Baroness’s own special steel and produced by proven craftsmanship and state of the art manufacturing technology. The LM101 is equipped with B-ACT (Baroness Aggression Cutting Technology), which adjusts the positions between the reel cutter and the bedknife; and the FOC efficiency (high/low clip) switching mechanism, which changes the clip pitch in a single motion. These features allow you to mow beautifully and precisely according to the grass types or turf conditions. With the LM101’s floating head mechanism and superior cutting quality, anybody can mow greens uniformly and produce high quality turf. The LM101 is a mower designed to alleviate the stress of mowing greens for both operators and superintendents.


Floating Head Greens Mower

The Baroness LM54GB is a floating head walk behind greens mower, ideally suited to heavily undulating greens. This model is completely gear/shaft-driven, delivering consistent and reliable power transfer to all functions. Coupled with the trademark Baroness reel and bedknife design, professional operators can feel confident in producing top quality playing surfaces for their sporting clientele.

Utility Mowers


A flexible, full time 4-wheel drive triplex cylinder mower with the power to cut large swathes of longer grass and the finesse to produce an approach quality finish. LM281 is equally at home on the golf course semi-rough, approaches and bunker surrounds as well as verge-mowing and semi-formal municipal areas.

Fairway Mowers

Our range of fairway mowers feature signature Baroness reels and bedknives, renowned for their high quality materials that retain sharpness for longer and maximise turf health. Coupled with this world class technology is a range of mowers that are reliable, efficient, comfortable and continue to stay “on-cut” much longer than competitor products. Operator friendly products combined with the benefits of enhanced budget containment and improved turf condition.


Mid-Weight Fairway Mower

Ease of operation, operator comfort and superb serviceability make the Baroness LM2700 a stand out amongst the run-of-the-mill competition!

The mid-weight five unit fairway mower, delivers a high work rate combined with a superior quality of cut to tackle even the most difficult conditions. Free from multi-layer control functions and systems which so many mowers have today, you will benefit from superior reliability, improved productivity, reduced maintenance and simple repair procedures.


5 – Unit Fairway Mower

The new Baroness LM551 from Kubota makes light work of golf course maintenance, delivering unwavering precision from start to finish.

The rear cutting units on the LM551 can be mounted in 2 positions, either standard or 200mm forward to increase contour following performance, eliminating crabbing or uncut grass when mowing on slopes. The mower arm and down pressure spring have all been optimised to apply even and constant down pressure to the cutting units.

Combined with tension support on the rear cutting units, the LM551 produces a superb quality of cut, aftercut appearance and stripe definition. The front lift arms have an added spring to keep the cutting units horizontal in the raised position, eliminating the risk of them impacting the ground when turning. The cutting units have been modified to give an industry leading range of motion; not just side to side but also tilting forward and backwards to hug severe undulations.


Lightweight Fairway Mower

The LM2400 is a lightweight fairway mower that embodies all the qualities that Baroness are best known for including quality of cut, durability, ease of maintenance and long service life.

With a low centre of gravity, the LM2400 is a dream to drive, offering mowing stability and exceptional comfort. Add in features such as on-board back-lapping, 2.8M width of cut and a reliable Kubota engine and you have the finest mower in the industry.


Baroness aerators can be utilised for a wide range of turf applications, best suited for greens, fairways and sporting fields. With working depths up to 250mm (10 inches), Baroness aerators are extremely robust in design and construction, renowned for their reliability. Available with solid tines or hollow tines in a variety of sizes and pattern configurations.


Fairway/Sports Field Aerator

The Baroness TDA1600 is a 3PL mounted 1.6m wide fairway and sports field aerator providing the best finish in its class! It’s simple, sturdy and efficient design gets the job done, ensuring the most effective aeration to a maximum depth of 250mm.Includes a rear roller and range of tines and finger plates to meet every application.


Greens Aerator

The Baroness TDA1200 is a 3PL mounted 1.2m wide greens aerator that delivers the best finish in the business! It’s simple, sturdy and efficient design gets the job done, ensuring the most effective aeration to a maximum depth of 250mm. Supplied with a rear roller and range of tines and finger plates to meet every application.

Bunker Rakes

High performing, versatile and hardworking, Baroness bunker rakes are designed with the operator in mind. True to the Baroness name, these machines are easy to use, reliable, and deliver industry leading results.
Designed for all bunker conditions including maintenance operations, you can rely on Baroness bunker rakes to keep your sand traps in top shape.


Bunker Rake

The Baroness SP05 bunker rake is designed to adapt to all kinds of bunker conditions with power steering to reduce operator fatigue, selectable 2WD/3WD, low centre of gravity and fully floating rake implement. Additional implements available to suit every application.

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